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We all need cyber security.  We have seen the headlines, read the articles.  Read about how businesses have been destroyed by cybercrime.  Some of us even know people or businesses that have been affected by cybercrime, seen just how bad it can get, and what it takes to undo it.  But how do we protect our business?  How do we know which solution is right, and how can we ever afford it?


Let us help,

n@d@r is a cyber security device designed from the ground up to help small to mid-sized companies protect themselves against cybercrime.  But what does that really mean, protect them against cybercrime?


n@d@r is your businesses personalized guide to the Internet:

It screens against known bad websites using the Common Vulnerabilities and Exploits (CVE’s) lists to prevent you from accidentally going to one of the listed sites.

It looks at all of the data coming and going from your business and based on millions of lists and internet reputations allows the “good data” through, and blocks the “bad data”.

n@d@r watches for abnormal behavior on your network, then it sends an alert to your phone if something is wrong.

n@d@r actually fixes the issue, then you receive a report to let you know everything is okay and your business is safe.

We are Pushing the Boundaries
of Autonomous Technology

You need tech that is faster, smarter, and more accurate. This is why you need n@d@r, the world’s first autonomous cyber security solution for small to mid-sized businesses. n@d@r is a device that provides endpoint security and uses AI to stop threats faster, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is Endpoint Security? Why does it matter?

Endpoint security refers to end user devices, such as desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.  However, it also refers to any device that has access to or receives information from the internet, such as smart devices that we use every day; like that badge access system to let your employees through the door, or the security camera system you have in place,  or the smartwatch you wear on your arm.  All of these types of devices can be an entry point if not protected properly.  This is one of the key benefits of n@d@r being a hardware device instead of a software based system.  It can see every communication that passes through your internet connection and is not limited to the devices that can have a software agent installed on them.  This is true endpoint protection!


Whether its endpoint protection or cloud based applications, data has become the foundation of our way of life and critical for companies to protect.  Your most sensitive data lives on endpoint devices and in the cloud.  Protect what matters most from cyberattacks.  Fortify every edge of your network with real time autonomous protection.


You can be certain that your business is in good hands 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Autonomous Cycle AES-256 Crypto Keys, 2FA, and GeoIP Service Isolation

User Friendly

No user training requirement, quick and easy to install and implement.

Cost Effective

Reliability and dependability that you can afford.

n@d@r is #1 within the small
to mid-sized company market.

Companies select us as their endpoint security solution because it is able to make precise, context-driven decisions autonomously and quickly to protect your data. n@d@r protects your communications, commerce, and data on devices and in the cloud.


Key Features

Fortify & Automate endpoint security with proven protection and unparalleled response. Don’t stop at just identifying malicious behaviors. Block and remediate advanced attacks autonomously.


AI/ML actively identifies & blocks geographical footprints around the globe

Smart Connection

Cloud based service integration's keeps n@d@r up-to-date with shared real-time protection data

Mobile Command

All Administration and Notification functions are delivered via friendly mobile interface


Surf in Privacy with Localized Secure Top Level Domain Lookups

Analytics & Reporting

Connected data from the source means Actionable Insights and only paying for what you use.


Implementation is a breeze with QR code setup and deployment


Technology is always moving forward and n@d@r is the first step in a much greater accomplishment — 'Real-Time' data integration and unified actionable insight.




108.5 x 80.59 x 30 mm (4.27 x 3.17 x 1.18 in)


260g (09oz), 1.5~3mm thickness


Aluminum 6063 T6 (HE9)


(1) IPv4/IPv6 Secure DNS Interface Address


Quad Core


64bit Unix


BCM2711, Quad core Cortex-A72 (ARM v8) 64-bit SoC

Computing Power

Quad-core 2.0 GHz CPU, 800 MHz GPU

Network Segmentation

254 IPv4/IPv6 Addresses per Subnet


internal memory


Micro-SDXC - 100MB/s (R) 30MB/s (W) 43,800 hour


2.4/5.0 GHz IEEE 802.11ac WiFi, BT 5.0, BLE, GE


Tamper-Resistant Alloy Steel


(1) Span/Monitoring Ethernet Interface

“n@d@r has changed the way our company handles cyber security, it takes care of all of the endpoint security, so I can get back to what matters, our customers and our users.”

Network Manager
Local Government

Right Size Your Network

Simply choose n@d@r, add the monthly support services and select a SOAR-as-a-Service subscription that best meets your network or subnet requirements.

On-Premise Cyber Security IoT
MSRP per unit
Includes 2GB/m Rollover Processing
OS Security Updates
Monthly OS Patch Mgmt
per unit per month
Billed Annually ($300.00/yr)

+ pick your net

Protection for 1 IP at a Time
per IP per month
Billed monthly
No long-term commitment
Protection Starting at 30 IP's
per IP per month
Cloud ML Analytics for 30 IP's, billed annually ($3,096/yr)
Protection for up to 60+ IP's
per IP per month
Cloud ML Analytics for 60 IP's, billed annually ($5,544/yr)
Protection for up to 125+ IP's
per IP per month
Cloud ML Analytics for 125 IP's, billed annually ($10,200/yr)
Distributed Enterprise
Protection for up to 254 IP's
per IP per month
Cloud ML Analytics for 225 IP's, billed annually ($15,930/yr)
billed in increments of 10 under 100 and 25 over 100

That’s IT! Our Cloud Service does the {REST}

What people are saying…

n@d@r™ Reviews

System Admin

San Francisco, CA

“ The autonomous level of threat response n@d@r™ gives us is amazing. Your easy to use appliance, combined with the cutting edge capabilities, keeps us safe minute by minute “

Job Well Done

Network Director

Los Angeles, CA

“The scariest thing today is that every endpoint is under attack. We need the very best tools to help us block those attacks. n@d@r not only blocks attacks but helps us remediate them in real time. n@d@r is different from other cyber security solutions because of the ML/AI automatic remediation.``

Fabulous work

Audit & Compliance Officer

Tampa, FL

“ Confidentiality and anonymity are the primary assets when surfing the web. Your product delivers 10 out of 10, keeping us safe and informed about ongoing threats and cyber awareness. “

Great solution to have

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