There is a better way to do cybersecurity…

We all need cyber security.  We have seen the headlines, read the articles.  Read about how businesses have been destroyed by cybercrime.  Some of us even know people or businesses that have been affected by cybercrime, seen just how bad it can get, and what it takes to undo it.  But how do we protect our business?  How do we know which solution is right, and how can we ever afford it?


Let us help,

n@d@r is a cyber security device designed from the ground up to help small to mid-sized companies protect themselves against cybercrime.  But what does that really mean, protect them against cybercrime?


n@d@r is your businesses personalized guide to the Internet:

It screens against known bad websites using the Common Vulnerabilities and Exploits (CVE’s) lists to prevent you from accidentally going to one of the listed sites.

It looks at all of the data coming and going from your business and based on millions of lists and internet reputations allows the “good data” through, and blocks the “bad data”.

n@d@r watches for abnormal behavior on your network, then it sends an alert to your phone if something is wrong.

n@d@r actually fixes the issue, then you receive a report to let you know everything is okay and your business is safe.